Frequently Asked Questions

What is N.A.S.H.?

N.A.S.H. is the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, an  organization dedicated to advancing  the recognition of secular education in the homeschooling community and to supporting academically  secular homeschoolers.

Are you a non-profit organization?

It is the intention of NASH to become a 501(c) non-profit organization. We are defining the organization of the team as new volunteer members are added, and creating by-laws to govern our activities. It is our intention to be a fully-operational non-profit organization in 2015.

What value does N.A.S.H. bring to the secular homeschooling community and why should I consider being a member?

An overwhelming majority of homeschooling organizations represent a particular demographic within the homeschooling community and do not meet the needs or address the concerns of secular homeschoolers. N.A.S.H’s goal is to give secular homeschoolers a unified voice and help us become an influential force in promoting and shaping the future of secular homeschooling. We want families to know there are secular options and support for their choice to educate their children with secular materials. We also hope to broaden public perception of homeschoolers to include those with academically secular goals and objectives for their children. 

Also, as more families choose to homeschool with secular materials, publishers will need to create secular materials to meet their needs. N.A.S.H.’s goal is to demonstrate that need by having a robust membership base to influence and advocate for secular materials.

N.A.S.H. will capture information regarding secular homeschooling issues gathered from local, regional, and national members. Our Political Affairs office will then vet the information and disseminate that information to the secular homeschooling community. We have no plans to lobby either at state or local levels, but rather to be a source of relevant, factual information for those who would so inclined as to become involved in their local/states issues that may impact them as secular homeschoolers.

Finally, N.A.S.H. will host a yearly conference featuring secular curriculum publishers, workshops and discussion panels on the latest homeschooling trends, and the annual Board of Director’s meeting.

Who is welcome to be a member of N.A.S.H.?

N.A.S.H. welcomes all homeschoolers who identify as academically secular homeschoolers, using  secular resources (including the teaching of evolution), regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, family composition, or religious affiliation. We also welcome anyone who is a supporter/proponent of secular homeschooling. Joining N.A.S.H and paying the annual dues serves as an endorsement of N.A.S.H.’s Vision and Mission statement. 

When will N.A.S.H. being accepting members?

The 1st Executive Session of N.A.S.H. will be held September 5th, 6th, and 7th at the 2014 Inaugural Conference. As of this writing (Spring 2014), we foresee opening membership in October 2014.

What will N.A.S.H. provide members?

• First year enrollment will grant you Charter Member status (preferential treatment for life of membership) 

• Discounts to N.A.S.H. conferences and merchandise

• Membership card (benefits TBD)

• Discounts with N.A.S.H. Partner Vendors

• Member access to N.A.S.H. website community

• Advance notice of events, promotions, and news

• Member voting privileges to changes and amendments to by-laws

How does N.A.S.H. operate?

N.A.S.H. was created by and operated by secular homeschoolers for secular homeschooolers. It is led by a team of dedicated volunteers including a Board of Directors, all of whom are dedicated to the advancement of secular homeschooling. 

The Management Team
Volunteer for N.A.S.H. 

What is our position on religion, faith, and spiritual beliefs?

N.A.S.H.’s official comment regarding a person’s religion, faith, or spiritual beliefs is ‘No Comment.” We are not an anti-theist or atheistic organization. We open our membership doors to anyone who identifies as a academically secular homeschooler or who supports secular homeschooling. For N.A.S.H., a academically secular homeschooler is one who homeschools without regard to religion. 

What will my membership fee support?

N.A.S.H. membership fees help support the financial costs of obtaining and maintaining non-profit  corporation, legal representation for the organization, professional media development, , financial support of projects and initiatives that support and further the Vision and Mission of N.A.S.H., and administrative costs. All Board Members and other volunteer team members are secular homeschoolers who donate their time, talents, and energy to N.A.S.H.’s charter.

What is our position on religious homeschooling?

N.A.S.H. is not opposed to religion or religious homeschooling. Secularism seeks to ensure and protect freedom of religious belief and practices for all citizens. Being a Secular homeschooler is not about curtailing religious freedoms; it is about ensuring that the freedom of thought and conscience apply equally to all without regard to specific beliefs. N.A.S.H. supports the rights of each person to teach their child in the way that best suits their child(ren) and best reflects the values, morals, ethics, ideologies, and beliefs of their family.

What is N.A.S.H.’s position on cyber public schooling?

First and foremost, anyone who identifies as a secular homeschooler is welcome to join N.A.S.H. In this country, there are 4 ways to provide an education for your children: 

1) Send your children, full time, to brick and mortar public schools

2) Enroll your children in full time, online, cyber public schools 

3) Send your children to brick and mortar private schools 

4) Homeschool your children. 

N.A.S.H.’s vision, mission, and primary focus is on serving those who utilize
option 4 from a secular position. 

How will N.A.S.H. use my membership/personal information?

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