N.A.S.H. Volunteers

Mari Beth Buckroth, Chief Executive Officer

Mari Beth Buckroth, Chief Executive OfficerTeT for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, earned her Masters in Public Administration from the University of West Florida and worked in Community Relations. Mari Beth started homeschooling her daughter in 2009. Since that time, she has rallied to give secular homeschoolers a voice in the homeschooling community and beyond. When she is not homeschooling, you can find her on her blog. The Inappropriate Homeschooler”.
Contact nationalallianceofsecularhs@gmail.com.

Jai Cook, Programs and Services Executive Officer

Jai Cook, Programs and Services Executive Officer for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, is the mother of two wonderful children and has been homeschooling for the past twelve years. Her youngest child is now in 11th grade, and will spend the next two years of high school building a classic car restoration business. While her family is her primary focus, she also owns a business with her husband, David. One of Jai’s favorite aspects of homeschooling is having the freedom to think outside of the box. She considers building a gypsy wagon, and a straw bale cabin among her favorite homeschooling projects.
Contact – nashprogramsandservices@gmail.com

Christal Hillner, Member Services Director

Christal Hillner, Member Services Director for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, has been homeschooling for five years. She also helped found and run the local secular homeschool group. She is the mother of two amazing boys.
Contact – nashmemberservices@gmail.com

Jolinda Kohl, Entrepreneurial Outreach and Development Coordinator

Jolinda Kohl, Entrepreneurial Outreach and Development Coordinator for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, is an eclectic home schooling mother of 2 living in Jacksonville, Fl. She is a Certified Life Coach and Inspired Learning Facilitator that also serves as Managing Director of The I.M.A.G.I.C. an interactive art museum that celebrates games as art and is in the process of building a small business that serves the home schooling community at large.
Contact – n.a.s.h.jkohl@gmail.com

Shay Loftis, Finance Director

Shay Loftis, Finance Director for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, is the mother of two boys and a new homeschooler.  She volunteered for N.A.S.H. because of the struggle she had in finding secular curriculum, resources, and
support.  She feels N.A.S.H. is very needed in the homeschooling community. Shay moved around a lot as a child; growing up she attended 14 different schools.  She originally planned on becoming a police officer, but when the public system failed her child, who has a speech impediment, she decided to begin homeschooling.  She has worked in various management positions in the areas of Real Estate, Home Services, and now runs her own business.
Contact – nashfinancedept@gmail.com

Lori Whitson, Technology and Website Director

Lori Whitson, Technology and Website Director for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, lives in Alabama with her husband of 13 years. They have two sons, ages 12 and 8. She has been homeschooling since 2013. She has E-commerce experience through a skateboard shop her husband owns. She’s also built and maintained various other websites and E-commerce stores.
Contact – nashwebsitemanager@gmail.com

Debra Kasinger, Program Development Director

Debra Kasinger, Program Development Manager for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, resides on the Texas Gulf Coast with her husband of 20 years and their 3 kids ages 13, 11, & 7. She began homeschooling 8 years ago when her oldest was “K” age and now homeschools all 3 with a relaxed eclectic approach.  She is a former Early Childhood and Preschool Educator that helped launch numerous Parent Benefit Programs and Community Outreach Programs in addition to running a classroom.  And is now a vocal advocate for numerous causes including Homeschooling, Learning Disabilities, Autism/ASD, Epilepsy, & Equal Rights.
Contact – nashprogramdevelopment@gmail.com

Blair Lee M.S., Secular Alliances Director

Blair Lee M.S., Secular Alliances Director for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers, is a homeschooling mom, the author of REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2 and Chemistry 1, and world traveler. She is currently writing RSO Earth and Space 2. It is Blair’s goal as NASH’s Secular Alliances Manager to make NASH a place where people who want to use secular curriculum for educating their child can come to read reviews and learn more about secular curriculum and programs. We are a group that advocates the development of high quality secular curriculum and programs for use in the homeschool community. You can find out more about what Blair is doing at blairleeblog.wordpress.com and on Facebook at Blair Lee M.S.
Contact – nashsecularalliances@gmail.com